Batman and Robin played by Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft.

A Brief History Part 3 - THE BIG SCREEN DEBUT!

Batman Movie starring Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft.
Batman and Robin in the forties

In 1943, within five years of Batman's creation, Columbia Pictures introduced Batman and Robin to the cinema by means of a 15 episode film serial. Starring Lewis Wilson as Batman and Douglas Croft as Robin, the serial was simply titled Batman. As with most Columbia serials of the time, it was shot on a shoestring budget. Although we were introduced to the Batcave by means of this series, no attempt was made to construct a Batmobile. Therefore, our Superheroes had to suffer the indignity of relying on a black Cadillac as their means of transport.

In 1949, Columbia released another 15 episode film serial which was called Batman and Robin (AKA: The Return of Batman). This time around, Robert Lowery played Batman and John Duncan was Robin. With an even smaller budget than the 1943 serial, Batman gets to drive a Mercury Convertible as a pathetic substitute to a Batmobile.

In 1965 the original serial from 1943 was fused together and re-released as An Evening with Batman and Robin. This strategy proved to be a huge success.


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